Futbol Club of Luzira Bounces Back with a Dominant Victory

Futbol Club of Luzira has made an impressive comeback in the Futsal Super League, securing their second position after a resounding victory over Kawempe FC. The match, which took place last night at the Old Kampala Futsal Arena, saw Luzira assert their dominance with a final scoreline of 12-3.

Following a narrow defeat of 4-3 to Kampala Junior Team FC, Luzira had dropped to third position in the league. However, their latest triumph has allowed them to close the gap at the top, reducing it to just five points. With a total of 33 points, Luzira now trails the league leaders, Park FC, who currently sit at 38 points with a single game advantage.

The match against Kawempe FC showcased Luzira’s tremendous skill and determination. They quickly took control of the game, displaying exceptional teamwork and strategy. Through their expert play, Luzira was able to secure a considerable lead, leaving their opponents stunned.

In this remarkable display of sportsmanship, Luzira demonstrated their ability to bounce back from previous setbacks. Their victory highlights their commitment to reclaiming their position at the top of the league. Luzira has undoubtedly proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and their strong performance will undoubtedly inspire and motivate them for the remaining matches.

As the Futsal Super League progresses, all eyes will be on Luzira as they continue their pursuit of the coveted top spot. With their recent triumph over Kawempe FC, they have shown their resilience and determination, setting the stage for an exciting and fiercely competitive remainder of the season.


1. What is the current position of Luzira FC in the Futsal Super League?
Luzira FC is currently in the second position in the Futsal Super League.

2. What was the final score of the match between Luzira FC and Kawempe FC?
The final score of the match between Luzira FC and Kawempe FC was 12-3 in favor of Luzira FC.

3. How did Luzira FC close the gap at the top of the league?
Luzira FC closed the gap at the top of the league by securing a resounding victory over Kawempe FC.

4. Who is the current leader of the Futsal Super League?
The current leader of the Futsal Super League is Park FC.

5. How many points does Luzira FC have after their latest triumph?
Luzira FC now has a total of 33 points after their latest triumph.

Jargon Definitions:
– Futsal Super League: This refers to a professional futsal league.
– Scoreline: It is the final result of a match, indicating the number of goals scored by each team.

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