Ford Futsal Superleague: Live Streaming and Exciting Fixtures

The upcoming 2024 men’s Ford Futsal Superleague will offer football fans a unique opportunity to watch live matches online for free. With the aim of promoting the sport and engaging a wider audience, FIFA+ has decided to stream selected games from both the men’s and women’s Ford Futsal Superleague competitions throughout their seasons.

One of the matches that will be streamed live on Sunday, February 18, 2024, is between Palmerston North Marist and Capital Futsal. Scheduled to kick off at 12pm, this exciting clash will take place at the Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North. Football enthusiasts can watch the action unfold by simply accessing the provided link.

Later in the day, at 4pm, the Central Energy Trust Arena will once again be filled with football excitement as Capital Futsal takes on Palmerston North Marist for a second thrilling encounter. Be sure not to miss this match and enjoy the skillful plays and intense competition of these talented teams.

In addition to these fixtures, the Ford Futsal Superleague has already showcased some impressive contests. On Saturday, February 16, 2024, the Canterbury United Dragons faced off against Southern United in a thrilling match. The Dragons emerged victorious with a 4-3 scoreline, showcasing the prowess of players such as Mark Zimmerman and Kosei Oikawa.

Both squads have assembled talented line-ups to ensure an exhilarating season. Canterbury United Dragons, led by head coach James Vallance, boasts a roster including players like Cameron Emberton, Jacob Grosvenor, and Ben Cameron. Southern United, led by head coach Michael Sannum, features a strong team with players such as En Watanabe, George Willett, and Nicholas Kittelty.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of the Ford Futsal Superleague, with live streaming giving you a front-row seat to the thrilling matches. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness incredible skills, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments in the world of futsal.


1. Kdy se koná 2024 mužská Ford Futsal Superliga?
2024 mužská Ford Futsal Superliga se koná v nadcházejících měsících.

2. Jakým způsobem budou moci fanoušci sledovat zápasy online?
Fanoušci budou moci sledovat zápasy online na FIFA+.

3. Které zápasy budou streamovány v příštích dnech?
Ve středu 18. února 2024 budou streamovány zápasy: Palmerston North Marist vs. Capital Futsal v 12:00 a Capital Futsal vs. Palmerston North Marist v 16:00.

4. Kde se konají tyto zápasy?
Zápasy se konají na Central Energy Trust Arena v Palmerston North.

5. Kdo jsou někteří z významných hráčů ve Ford Futsal Superlize?
Významnými hráči ve Ford Futsal Superlize jsou Mark Zimmerman, Kosei Oikawa, Cameron Emberton, Jacob Grosvenor, Ben Cameron a další.

6. Kdo jsou hlavní trenéři týmů v soutěži?
Hlavním trenérem týmu Canterbury United Dragons je James Vallance a hlavním trenérem týmu Southern United je Michael Sannum.

7. Je možné sledovat zápasy Ford Futsal Superligy zpětně?
Ne, zápasy budou streamovány živě a není poskytována možnost jejich následného sledování.

8. Kde mohu najít další informace o Ford Futsal Superlize?
Další informace o Ford Futsal Superlize můžete najít na webové stránce: