Westlake High Girls Soccer Team Dominates Moorpark with 4-0 Victory

In a thrilling match on Saturday, the Westlake High girls soccer team showcased their talent and skill as they defeated visiting team Moorpark 4-0. Leading the charge was KK Chowana, who scored a remarkable hat trick, while Layla Simon added a goal and two assists.

The Warriors took an early lead in the 15th minute when Chowana found the back of the net. She then doubled the score in the 39th minute after Simon was fouled in the penalty area, resulting in a penalty kick. The referee’s decision was in favor of Westlake, and Chowana made no mistake in converting the penalty.

Westlake coach Frank Marino commended his team’s performance, especially their ability to score in the first half. He also highlighted the resilience of their defense, with goalkeeper Sierra Spencer making a crucial save.

In the second half, Chowana and Simon continued their dominant display, adding two more goals to secure the victory for Westlake. Marino praised Chowana for her exceptional finishing skills and Simon for creating scoring opportunities.

Despite their previous victory over Moorpark in December, Marino was cautious about underestimating their opponents, who were the defending Division 3 section and regional champions. He emphasized the importance of not being overconfident and reminded his team to stay focused.

With this win, Westlake advances to the quarterfinals for the third consecutive season. They will be hosting Rancho Cucamonga-Etiwanda on Wednesday, expecting another thrilling match.

Overall, Westlake High girls soccer team’s outstanding performance against Moorpark demonstrates their skill and determination. They have proven themselves as a formidable force in the CIF-Southern Section Division 1 tournament, and their upcoming quarterfinal match promises to be another exciting encounter.


1. What was the final score of the match between Westlake High and Moorpark?
The final score was 4-0 in favor of Westlake High.

2. Who scored a hat trick in the match?
KK Chowana scored a hat trick for Westlake High.

3. Who scored the other goal and provided two assists?
Layla Simon scored the other goal and provided two assists for Westlake High.

4. When did Westlake High take an early lead?
Westlake High took an early lead in the 15th minute of the match.

5. How did Westlake High double their score?
Westlake High doubled their score in the 39th minute through a penalty kick.

6. Who made a crucial save for Westlake High?
Goalkeeper Sierra Spencer made a crucial save for Westlake High.

7. Who commended the team’s performance?
Westlake coach Frank Marino commended the team’s performance.

8. Who will Westlake High be hosting in the quarterfinals?
Westlake High will be hosting Rancho Cucamonga-Etiwanda in the quarterfinals.


1. Hat trick: When a player scores three goals in a single match.

2. Penalty kick: A free shot awarded to a team when the opposing team commits a foul inside their own penalty area.

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